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Microfinance Management System

A modern software application to manage your day-to-day microfinance operations.

Easy to Use

It's very well designed to facilitate the direction and use of a cooperative society or microfinance organization. Use it for details.


Repository of all customers of your Microfinance organization. Here you will be informed about customers search, new customers, active customers, inactive customers including deposits and withdrawals.


Here you can also add new incomes and expenses along with knowing all the income and expenditure informations. Also distribution facility of Annual Share Dividend and Annual Savings Interest is available here.


Enter to get all the information about your organization's customers. You can also search for loan borrowers with Active Loans, Pending Loans and Loan Security Lists.


Employees of a cooperative society or microfinance organization play a very important role. Besides the current and former employee list, you can create a new account if you want.


Reports provide feedback to an organization. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual accounting details of income, expenses, loans and capital reports can be viewed.


In this feature, you can open a new branch in the name of your organization. And in the branch report, you can know the information of all branches including income, expenses, capital, and loans of monthly or annual accounts.

User Management

Able to open a new user ID for your organization, and the user can select a position or capacity, such as admin, editor or manager and also many more opportunities available here.

  • Dashboard
  • Customers Search
  • New Customer
  • Active Customers
  • Inactive Coustomers
  • Loan Search
  • Active Loans
  • Pending Loans
  • Loan Securities
  • Expenses
  • Incomes
  • Annual Accounts
  • New Employee
  • Current Employees
  • Former Employees
  • Expense Report
  • Loans Report
  • Capital Report
  • Weekly Report
  • Daily Report

Why Choose Us?

Microfinance Management System (MFMS) is designed to serve more than the day-to-day microfinance activities. Our software has diverse features to support your business, expense and staff management. You will also have the following features on our software:

  • Interactive dashboard to view updates at a glance.
  • Everything on any device - be it desktop, laptop or your mobile phone.
  • Multi-user, multi-branch and branch-wise user operations.
  • Monthly, weekly or even daily loan operations.
  • Detailed reports for almost anything.
  • And anything you wish...we can customize the software for you.

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Our Packages

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Our Clients

You can download the Microfinance Management System's usage guideline.